Best Way to Spend a Weekend at a Seahawks Game in Seattle

November 21, 2016

Seahawks Game in Seattle!

For my last Vancouver trip before I moved, Tyler and I went to the Seahawks game in Seattle versus the Eagles. I heard lots of hype that CenturyLink Field has some insane energy, so I was thrilled for a quick and exciting weekend trip. Continue reading to learn the best way to send a weekend at a Seahawks game in Seattle.

saturday afternoon/night

We left Vancouver Saturday afternoon and made the drive south. After a horrendous amount of traffic, we arrived! We checked in at the Marriott Renaissance Hotel, which turned out to be the perfect location as it was right between some of the core downtown places and the stadium. They also had parking, so we didn’t need to worry about fumbling around with that. We unpacked and were determined to find the best sushi. I texted a couple of my friends who live in Seattle and they suggested Sushi Kanpai. In an awesome turn of events, this was walking distance from our hotel!

Wow. We were hitting a streak of luck because Saturday nights are happy hour 4pm until close. We each ordered a large (and I mean large) Sapporo for $6.50 and the rolls ranged from $4 to $9. Let me put it into perspective. Their Vegas Roll usually costs $15 and during happy hour it is $9. Cha-ching. After filling up, we went back to the hotel to go to bed early since we wanted to be fully rested for the big game.

Sushi at Sushi Kanpai in Seattle image.
Look how amazing!
Image courtesy of Yelp.

sunday morning

(The day is here! we are actually going to see a seahawks game in seattle)

When I woke up I had a couple presents waiting for me. Seahawks gear. As you know, my allegiance is to the Packers, but I figured I could make an exception since they weren’t playing each other.

Ready for a Seahawks game in Seattle image.

We wandered over to Pike Place Market so we could go explore more. We had no shame in shoving our way to the front to get a close up of the fish tossing that started as soon as we arrived. This was so fun to watch! These men are throwing 20lb fish across the room to each other and everyone is screaming cheers. There is much more to this than the fish market, though! Take your time to walk around the various vendors that set up anything from candles to flowers to wooden sculptures to soup mix. Literally there is anything and everything. If you walk further down the street you will run into the “Original Starbucks” and the obnoxiously long line that goes along with it. I wanted a pint of beer more than a cup of coffee at that point, so I took a blurry picture and we moved along.

In front of Pike Place image.

Pike Place fish market image.

Overlooking Seattle image.

Original Starbucks image.

Ok so like I said, before the game we needed to booze up! And also eat something. Wow! Even in the drizzling rain, the fans were pumped up. Everyone on the streets had their Seahawks gear on and I – dare I admit it – felt like a powerhouse displaying my Hawks gear.

sunday afternoon

For lunch, we wanted to find a fun spot to grab some food. Initially we walked over to Quality Athletics. It was packed outside and had a big party atmosphere. Then we heard there was a 3 hour wait for food. Um, no thanks. Everyone was packed. Not too surprising considering we were only a few blocks away from the stadium, but we were hungry! We luckily found an open table at Altstadt Bierhalle and Brathaus. So we fueled up on some good German beers and food and then it was time for the game!

We approached the stadium and it was such an amazing feeling. We literally walked from complete downtown area/feel, went around the corner and BAM. CenturyLink Field is RIGHT THERE! So convenient. So awesome. Ah!

CenturyLink Field image.

Once we got into the stadium our seats were superb. We were so close I felt like a celebrity. We were a few rows back from one of the end zones. I couldn’t wait for the game to start. Everyone was screaming and amped up. Again, the atmosphere here is untouchable.

View from our seats image.

The game was SO FUN! The Seahawks came out on top 26-15. I can’t wait to return – the energy was electrifying and these are truly some great fans. Not as great as Packers fans, but a close second. In all seriousness though, even if you’re not a Seahawks fan, this is a bucket list stadium.

Image of us at the Seahawks game in Seattle.

We found a pump-up playlist to help us survive another traffic jam on the way back up to Vancouver. We were so exhausted from a whirlwind trip, we passed out as soon as our heads touched the pillows. Even though this was a quick trip, Seattle left me with such a great taste in my mouth. Super excited to plan a new trip down here and spend more time exploring.

Have you been to a Seahawks game in Seattle?

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