Top 4 Reasons to Join a Barre Class

February 10, 2017

Top Reasons to Join a Barre Class

This year, I vowed to change my life – mentally, physically, emotionally. The problem was I needed to also switch up my routine from the normal gym workouts I had. There is so much hype revolving around barre studios and classes and I was extremely curious. I researched some studios and found one near my house. You know a class is good when you get your butt out of bed at 5:15am to go work out! Here are my top 4 reasons to join a barre class.

#1 – tone and tighten

The classes focus on your core, arms, booty, and thighs. It’s all about using your own body weight as resistance or doing lots of reps with low weights. You literally move up and down an inch for ten minutes straight in slightly different positions and within weeks lose inches on your thighs. It’s magic. Don’t get me wrong, the classes are tough. However, when you start to see your body’s shape change, it’s encouraging and empowering. Plus, you secretly want to scream F YES when you move up in weights. That is your body getting stronger!

reason 2 – always a different class

One of the biggest reasons it is hard to motivate myself to work out on my own is because I had how predictable it is. Ok, I plan to run 30 minutes. Then I plan to do 20 minutes of crunches. No. Ew. If you need consistent change-up in your workout routine, this alone is one of the main reasons to join a barre class! I 100% have never had one class be exactly the same as another. We change up the arm workouts, we change up the stretching, we change up the ab workout. This helps the class go faster in my opinion, too. I can’t think “After this we have 5 push-ups, then we’re done,” since I don’t actually know if this portion of the class will be the same as yesterday’s. Therefore, I have to focus more on what I’m actually doing and going to do next.

reason 3 – No judgement zone

Whether you’re using 2 lb weights or 10 lb weights (wow – you rock!). Whether you’re 15 years old or 60 years old. Whether you can do the splits or can’t even touch your toes (yes, hello, that would be me). Whether you weigh 105 lbs or 205 lbs. Seriously – you are welcomed here. Any barre class I’ve been to has been a completely judgement free zone. This has much more of a “safe zone” feel than any gym I’ve ever stepped foot in. The instructors truly want you to get the best workout and stretch for your body and will help assist in any way.

reason 4 – Mind break

I am the biggest overthinker in the history of overthinkers. So while I won’t BS you and say that barre completely puts me into a meditation mode and I forget about everything (hey – for some people it does and that is great! I envy you), it does relax me and I forget about most wandering thoughts. So much so that it is one of the main reasons to join a barre class for me personally. I feel mentally cleansed after, which is a big feat for an overthinker like me!

barre brands i love (and use!)

United States: In the US, I was very loyal to The Barre Code. They are expanding rapidly in the US and they have great instructors. I guarantee there is one in your town and if not, you have a reason to open your own franchise!

Canada: Since I’m now in Canada, I need to find a new barre studio. I gave the Barre Fitness brand a chance and I LOVE IT. The classes are very similar to what I experienced in the US and I love the design of the studio near me. I feel even more mentally refreshed with Barre Fitness.


Getting an unlimited monthly membership has been more than worth it for me. I go at least 4 or 5 times a week on average so that is the best deal. I’ll be the first to admit, memberships for barre do not come cheap. Many studios have a discount for new members or even a free drop-in class for your first time. Barre is spreading so quickly, so if you’re not satisfied at the first place you go, give some other local studios a try.

Do you have any great reasons to join a barre class – or any other work out class you guys love?


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