A hurricane is one of the best drinks in New Orleans!

Best Drinks in New Orleans | Travel Guide

You're in New Orleans and now it is time to enjoy yourself! You have a basic plan for what to do since you've read my guide on a Weekend in New Orleans, but now it's time to hunt down the best drinks in New Orleans. This is a city that knows how to party, after all. I've only included drinks that I have personally tried on this list, but you can scroll to the bottom for additional suggestions in caseโ€ฆ

Image of Jackson Square

A Weekend in New Orleans | Travel Guide

New Orleans is hands-down my favorite city in the US. If you don't think this city is amazing, you either haven't been or you didn't do it right. There is so much to explore: music, food, festivals, the list goes on.ย Don't get me wrong. People do come here to party. In fact, I actually think one could make a better (and more affordable) weekend in New Orleans compared to Vegas. However, thereย is so much more to the Big Easy thanโ€ฆ