Choosing a Maui Luau

You can’t go to Hawaii and not go to a luau. I don’t care how touristy they are or how much of a rip off you claim they are. It’s Hawaii! It’s a luau! Live a little! I think I’ve made my opinion clear. So as I planned our Maui trip, I wasn’t prepared for the chaos of choosing a Maui luau. There are TONS located throughout Lahaina and Kaanapali alone. What are the differences? Why are some priced different? What…

Gorgeous Road to Hana Tour

Why We Used a Road to Hana Tour Bus

A Road to Hana tour is a must-do drive while you are visiting Maui. However, the drive sounds just as daunting as it does adventurous. Over 600 hairpin turns. 54 one way bridges. Last chance for gas is before you even begin. Parts of it do not allow rental cars to drive on. We also heard the most common nickname for it: “Divorce Highway.” Not the most appealing name for a drive to take as newlyweds. Our concierge suggested we use one of…

Best Places to Eat in Kaanapali

9 Best Places to Eat in Kaanapali, Maui

We had an amazing time with so many delicious meals during our honeymoon in Maui! While we were able to explore so many different areas of the island, this list focuses on the best places to eat in Kaanapali and Lahaina. Don't worry, I didn't mislead you! Lahaina is just a 10 minute drive from Kaanapali. If you don't have a rental car you can easily get there via bus. Here are my 9 Best Places to Eat in Kaanapali…