One week in Naples!

One Week in Naples, FL | Travel Guide

In my last post about How to Spend a Week in Naples, FL the overall theme was definitely RELAXING. Which, I get. So many people come to Florida to relax. However, there are also a huge handful who come to enjoy the sunny weather and want to be outside doing adventurous activities throughout the week. If you're bummed you will be spending one week in Naples, FL and someone is telling you there won't be much to do, think again. This…

2 Days in Key West | Travel Guide

Key West is a beautiful island city in South Florida, lying 90 miles north of Cuba. Planning a trip can first seem a little overwhelming when you first arrive in Key West. There is so much packed on such a little island that you may not know where to start. This is a great travel guide for how to spend 2 days in Key West. If you have more time in Florida, Naples is a great area to explore. Read my…

Sunset in Naples, Florida image.

How to Spend a Week in Naples, Florida | Travel Guide

My family has been vacationing in Naples for as long as I can remember. I can only wish that I was referring to Naples, Italy. Alas, it is merely Naples, Florida (still amazing, I know, don't hate me for making that comment). Nonetheless, it will forever remain one of my favorite spots to visit. Everything is slower here. The pace of life slows down, the time passing seems to wind down, and even the drivers slow it way down (there are…