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March 17, 2017

A hurricane is one of the best drinks in New Orleans!

You’re in New Orleans and now it is time to enjoy yourself! You have a basic plan for what to do since you’ve read my guide on a Weekend in New Orleans, but now it’s time to hunt down the best drinks in New Orleans. This is a city that knows how to party, after all. I’ve only included drinks that I have personally tried on this list, but you can scroll to the bottom for additional suggestions in case you make it through my list (am I being a bad influence?). Without further ado, prepare yourself and your liver for the Best Drinks in New Orleans!

Cafe Au Lait at Cafe du Monde

Ok. I’m sorry. So this isn’t an alcoholic drink, but you will need this to start your weekend. This frothy and creamy coffee is delicious and will get some caffeine in your body so you can have the energy to power through the drinks on this list. Remember Cafe du Monde is cash only! While you’re here, do yourself a favor and place an order of the beignets.

Start your day with a Cafe Au Lait, one of the best drinks in New Orleans.

Enough about coffee. Moving on to what you came here for – the alcoholic drinks!

frozen irish coffee at erin rose

For a mid-morning or lunchtime special, grab a frozen Irish Coffee at Erin Rose. From 10am – 2pm, you can grab a 12oz cup for $3.50. This frozen coffee is spiked with the perfect amount amount of alcohol and you’ll be thanking me when you buy this on a muggy New Orleans day. My biggest regret is only buying one of these.

Hurricane at Pat O’Brien’s

This is likely the most well-known of the “best drinks in New Orleans.” Pat O’Brien’s makes them excellent (they are home to them, so they should be!), but be careful as it is very hard to taste the alcohol in it! Meaning three of these can easily go down and then hit you like a brick. Enjoy a hurricane on the famous Pat O’Brien’s patio as a great way to spend an afternoon in New Orleans.

A hurricane is one of the best drinks in New Orleans!

Pimm’s Cup at The Napoleon House

The Pimm’s Cup is another very famous New Orleans drink that I had never tried, so my expectations were high. Thankfully, I was not let down. Honest to God I could have had 5 of these in a row. If I wasn’t sitting at the bar with my mother, I would have.

Frozen Bourbon Milk Punch at the Bourbon House

Considering I’m not a bourbon drinker, I was fairly sure I would hate this drink. Wrong! It took a few sips to get acquired to the taste and after that I was sold. This is virtually a Bourbon Milk Shake. Oh, and Kim Kardashian loves the crab legs here.

Voodoo Blend at Lafitte’s blacksmith shop bar

Ok so prepare yourself for this one. Sugar overload! While it tastes like a yummy slushy grape soda mixed with loads of alcohol (cough Everclear), I struggled to get through this entire drink. It is served in a little bucket and you’re guaranteed* to get brain-freeze at least three times (*cannot vouch you will actually get brain-freeze). If anything, you come here for the atmosphere. Try and grab a table here once the sunsets and it’s dark outside. The entire bar is only lit up by candles, so it is an eerily spectacular ambience. Go ahead and step into the back room where there is a piano player. She’ll share her ghost encounters between playing songs. Then attempt to have a ghost encounter of your own; this is one of the most haunted places in the city.

Haunted Lafitte's serves one of the best drinks in New Orleans.

tiki drink from latitude 29

You step straight off of Peter’s Street and into the Polynesian with Latitude 29. Their handcrafted cocktails are unbelievably delicious and made with all-natural ingredients and none of this flavored syrups, meaning you get to enjoy a superb cocktail without a groggy hangover. Scratch that – I can’t promise that you won’t have a hangover if you are trying all the various drinks on this list. I ordered their signature cocktail, the Latitude 29, and it was amazing! Go during 3pm-6pm to save some money during happy hour.

Latitude 29 has some of the best drinks in New Orleans!
Courtesy of (owner of Latitude 29).

abita beer

I’m concluding the list with one of my favorite beer brands in the world: Abita! The flavors are great, the names are clever, and the images on the bottles are whacky and fun (their Christmas ale has an image of Santa’s sleigh being pulled by an alligator). Try several different Abita beers while you are here. My personal favorite is Purple Haze.

some say these are also the best drinks in new orleans

Alas, there is only so much one person can do (and drink) in one weekend. Although I did not personally try these (but trust me, I will someday!), these have received many raving reviews by fellow travelers and locals.

  • Vieux Carré at the Carousel Bar – I am SO upset I did not make it here!! So please try to!
  • Brandy Crusta at Arnaud’s
  • Hand Grenade at Tropical Isle – I had one sip of this, so I can’t be that great of a judge!
  • Anything at The Swizzle Stick Bar

This concludes my list of the best drinks in New Orleans! See how many you can knock off the list. Be sure to double-check if there are any specials throughout the week in order to save some money.

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