A Weekend in Whistler

July 29, 2016

Tyler and I just got back from an exciting weekend in Whistler! We drove up via the Sea to Sky Highway. Wow. The views were unbelievable and and we stopped at several lookout points around the way. Once we arrived, we checked into the Nita Lake Lodge, which I would highly recommend. Our suite was beautiful and and our room faced out to the lake. I felt so spoiled!

Suite at Nita Lake Lodge
Suite at Nita Lake Lodge

Before I could fawn over it too much, it was time to head to the village for our afternoon white water rafting trip. We changed into wetsuits and hopped on the shuffle that dropped us off at a large lake. When we got out it was snowing! It was freezing, but we were so pumped on adrenaline and excitement (we got the front seats in our raft!) that we barely noticed. The instructors guided us down the lake as they talked us through a safety review and we made our way to the river. For the next hour we rafted through the a variety of rapids, laughing the entire way. By the end we were soaked!


After about an hour of rafting down the Green River, we headed back to the lodge to change into some dry gear. Then we were back off to the village to explore the shops. I think we looked around in almost every one. To make sure I received my quintessential Canadian experience, we ordered BeaverTails (basically a flat churro). I had to get the one with Nutella! Then we looked around the shops some more before grabbing a yummy sushi dinner. We even tried a sake margarita.

Sunday we woke up early and enjoyed coffee on our patio as we looked at the sunrise over the lake. The weather was much sunnier compared to Saturday. This was great news to us because we purchased tickets for Peak2Peak and hoped to have clear skies for the better viewing. How awesome. We took two separate gondolas to reach the peak of Whistler mountain. Then we took another, bigger gondola across the valley to the peak of Blackcomb mountain. If you do this, try to hop into the gondola with the glass bottom for a more thrilling experience (there are only a limited number of these). At the base of the mountain we went from seeing dirt bikers and as the gondolas took us higher, we were welcomed by skiers and snowboarders at the top. On the way back down to the village we saw even more wildlife – including a wild black bear cub! Unfortunately, we only had a little bit of time to do some final exploring throughout the village before heading back to Vancouver for a family dinner. On the way back we obviously had to stop for several more photo ops.

Tantalus Lookout
Tantalus Lookout

The weekend flew by so quick. We were so disappointed to say goodbye to the beautiful views and adventures in Whistler, but I know we’ll be back soon enough!

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