February 20, 2017


Ocean in San Diego image.

What to do in San Diego for a Week | Travel Guide

A week in Southern California to escape the winter should be on everyone's agenda. While I'm having so much fun exploring Vancouver, the snow we've been receiving is making me antsy for Vitamin D. Plus, I thought I moved AWAY from Wisconsin. Go away, snow! Fortunately, Tyler and I had this San Diego trip booked for early February and were able to get a nice dose of sun and fun. Here is an in-depth list of what to do in San Diego!…

Top Reasons to Join a Barre Class

Top 4 Reasons to Join a Barre Class

This year, I vowed to change my life - mentally, physically, emotionally. The problem was I needed to also switch up my routine from the normal gym workouts I had. There is so much hype revolving around barre studios and classes and I was extremely curious. I researched some studios and found one near my house. You know a class is good when you get your butt out of bed at 5:15am to go work out! Here are my top 4…